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Real Estate CRM Integrations from Zapier

We have been hard at work at Pro Agent Solutions developing real estate CRM integrations to help our customers generate and manage more contacts and listings, and ultimately sell more homes. Our latest feature is a real estate CRM integration … Read More

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Product Updates-2017 Q3

We have been working hard on product updates at Pro Agent Solutions to help create more value for our user community. Below is a brief summary of some of the most significant recent updates to the platform. General An “Invite a … Read More

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Real Estate Videos

Are You Creating the Right Real Estate Videos?

Videos are becoming more important to marketing efforts every year.  Are you using videos to improve your lead generation?  There are some videos that every real estate agent should have.  Find out if you’re using the right real estate videos … Read More

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How to Get More Listings

How to Get More Listings in Today’s Market

Many real estate markets in the country today are suffering from low inventory.  So, many agents are wondering how to get more listings in today’s market?  These key tips, along with hard work and determination, will help you to get … Read More

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Converting real estate internet leads

The Secret to Converting Real Estate Internet Leads

Some real estate agents build their businesses by converting real estate internet leads.  Other agents get leads, but they never seem to turn into clients.  What’s the difference?  It’s all in how you qualify incoming leads.  Qualifying internet leads is … Read More

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Real Estate Calls to Action

How to Use Real Estate Calls to Action on Your Website

Your real estate website can be an excellent source of leads, but the challenge is always to get your visitors to “raise their hands,” letting you know that they are interested in using your website, getting answers to their questions … Read More

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multiple offers on a listing

How to Handle Multiple Offers on a Listing

Wouldn’t it be great if you got multiple offers on a listing every time?  Of course, that doesn’t always happen, but it’s happening more often in hot real estate markets.  You need to know how to counsel your seller on … Read More

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Real Estate Testimonials

How to Get the Best Real Estate Testimonials

Real Estate testimonials are an excellent way to prove your value as a real estate agent – without saying a thing.  But, getting a testimonial that will convert leads into clients can be a challenge.  These tips will help you … Read More

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Home Staging Survey

Finally – A Home Staging Survey from REALTORS®

If you’re interested in getting better answers to your real estate showing feedback questions, you’ll be interested in a home staging survey the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) recently released that summarizes feedback from buyer agents and listing agents on … Read More

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Real Estate Listing Presentations

Smart Tips for Successful Real Estate Listing Presentations

The thought of doing real estate listing presentations often strikes fear into a real estate agent’s heart.  But, there’s a way to get around that.  An effective listing presentation isn’t a presentation at all.  If you think of it as … Read More

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