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We’re thrilled to announce an expansion to our suite of communication tools to help generate touchpoints for you! In the digital era, text is flexible and personal; we’ve created a new feature that integrates into your workflow, allowing you to connect with your clients through SMS. The layout is similar to our existing email feature, so it will be easy to pick up.

How to send messages:

Easily send follow-up messages or an essential update by clicking the checkbox next to your client’s name. Then, click ‘Send Messages’ in the action box or tap the new text button on the client page. Draft your message, attach any necessary files, and let us handle the rest.

Unique Phone Number:

We’ve set up a default number for everyone to start. For those who wish to make a stronger impression, you can acquire a custom phone number with your chosen area code. You will have to purchase the number you wish to use to send texts, though. There is a small fee of $4.99 a month for your own custom phone number.


We’re excited to share that, outside of the unique phone number, these new features come at no extra cost to you. This includes sending unlimited text messages to all your contacts, ensuring you can stay in constant touch with your clients without worrying about additional charges. You can freely communicate, share insights, and inform your network within seconds.


While we do not intend to have too many limits, there are some. Sent messages must not exceed 1600 characters and cannot have more than ten attachments at a time. These limits are rarely hit in our testing, if ever, and shouldn’t be a problem for most.

Use these new features and discover how effortlessly you can keep the conversation flowing, keeping your clients engaged and informed. Welcome to a brighter, more connected future.

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