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Curbside leads from your sign riders texted to your phone with Digital Flyer

Easy To Use

Our Real Estate Broker Management Software Designed to have a simple user experience so you can spend time with your clients and not struggle with technology

Save Time with Technology

Use technology to automate and save time on manual administrative tasks so you can focus on the strategic activities which help you sell more homes

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Real Estate Text Lead Capture

With our real estate text lead capture solution, the home buyer sends in a simple text message and then our service instantly sends them your real estate text listing with photos, pricing, and additional information directly to their mobile phone!

More importantly, Pro Agent Solutions sends you, the Real Estate Listing Agent, the phone number of the buyer while they are still in front of the house! You will instantly receive a text message and an email with the buyer’s mobile phone number. They will also be logged as a contact in our system for future reference and you can even use our CRM Pro features to nurture and close those leads later. You are now connected with someone looking to purchase a home in your area with real estate text lead capture, who you normally wouldn’t even know existed!

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Save Time & Money

Digital Flyer real estate text riders is a big time and money saver using real estate SMS marketing. Since all your listings are accessible with your Digital Flyer phone number, you no longer need to get new text sign riders made for each individual property or manage multiple phone numbers. It also saves you the time of driving around to make sure your properties have a good supply of printed flyers. Reach out now so you can start using real estate text information to get buyers interested and submitting offers now!

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How Does It Work?

Digital Flyer is a simple to use real estate text lead capture application using real estate text sign riders. With your SMS sign riders, you just log-in, import your listing property details and images and then assign one of your Property IDs to one of your text message sign riders which only takes a few minutes. You then put your text sign rider in front of the house and … That’s It! As prospective buyers send a text message for more information, their phone number is sent right to your mobile phone and email. When the property is sold, simply move your real estate text riders to another home.

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Give It a Try

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You can select a phone number from any area code of your choice. Don’t just use Digital Flyer for your real estate text sign riders! Use our solution on all types of advertising including real estate books, newspapers and internet posts for your real estate SMS marketing. You will drive more potential buyers with real estate text marketing to call you and sell MORE HOMES.

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Simple & Easy To Use

In designing our software, we focus on a simple user experience where the application is easy to use and actions can be performed intuitively. If you do have any challenges with our software, we have a help widget which will suggest articles on how to complete tasks based on what page you are on.

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Mobile Device Friendly

We know that real estate agents and brokers are often out of the office meeting with clients and viewing homes, and our solution is designed to enable folks on the go. You can view email notifications, SMS text messages and the website all via your tablet or smart phone.

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Secure Enterprise Grade Technology

Our software is built leveraging enterprise level technology and the application is hosted very securely in an enterprise class datacenter where you can rest assured of the security of your data.

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World Class Customer Support

We are passionate about providing a high level of support to help our clients succeed with using our software.

Support options include support via phone, email, ticket and via our Pro Agent Solutions Help Center. We even have a help widget in our application that will suggest context sensitive support articles to you based on the page you are on.

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