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The use of mobile devices is now virtually universal, making them a valuable source of curbside leads for real estate agents. However, some agents fail to exploit this opportunity because they lack the technology to do so. Agents can use drive by technology to reach prospective buyers while they’re still in front of a listing, who can then engage more closely with the property. Digital Flyer from Pro Agent Solutions helps agents generate more leads for their listings and pick up new buyers in the process. It uses sign riders and text messages to send agents instantaneous curbside leads, and prospective buyers listing information.

Learn more about realestate sign text for info and how it is a great way to market listings during a pandemic.

How it Works

Agents and property managers import a listing into their Digital Flyer text for info real estate accounts. Next, they assign a text ID and local phone number to the listing which goes on a sign rider, or text rider, placed above or below the “For Sale” sign. 

Prospective buyers who drivebuy the property see the rider and send a text message from their mobile phone requesting more information, per the instructions on the rider.  This action sends information about the listing to the buyer and the prospect’s phone number to the listing agent via text message and email. Buyers can use drive by technology without having to get out of their car to grab a flyer. Digital Flyer is a particularly helpful way to market listings during the Covid-19 pandemic. It allows buyers driving around neighborhoods to easily access tons of listing information with text riders for real estate from the safety of their vehicles.


Agents can move the text for info real estate signs to new listings when the properties sell. They reassign the text ID for that rider to another listing and repeat the process to continue marketing listings with Digital Flyer drivebytechnology.

Digital Flyer uses phone numbers from many United States area codes, providing agents with many marketing opportunities. In addition to placing the phone number on sign riders, agents can also include them in other marketing materials for the real estate industry including social media posts and any printed drive by technology marketing material. This feature provides extra exposure for listings by quickly providing buyers sales information.

You can text 101 to 678-929-6001 to see an example of a Digital Flyer text message a prospective buyer would receive.


Why You Need It!

Capture Contact Information

Buyers are more likely to text for listing information than call a live agent. This is largely due to concerns the agent will prolong the call by making a sales pitch. The listing information the prospect receives includes a description, photos, and pricing. It can also include the agent’s website, listing virtual tour, or Facebook page. The ability to quickly and automatically respond to buyer requests for listing information is essential to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced real estate market and better market listings. Drivebytechnology can improve your response time with text riders for real estate.

Learn more about realestate sign text for info and how it’s a great way to generate more listings during a pandemic.

While Digital Flyer does text listing information to prospects, the software also captures the prospect’s contact information. This drivebytechnology immediately texts the prospect’s phone number to the listing agent, or property manager, when the prospect texts the specified code to the local phone number on the text for info real estate and text rider. The system is so fast that the potential buyer will still be in front of the house when the agent receives the text notification. Agents are able to connect with someone actively looking to purchase a home in their area, whom they would not otherwise know existed. Drivebuy technologies like Digital Flyer allow agents to capture additional curbside leads they miss when using other real estate lead generation apps.

Export Contact Information to a CRM 

Digital Flyer drivebuytech real estate text marketing automatically captures and populates the prospective buyer’s contact information in the agent’s account. Agents can export this information into their own CRM or use Pro Agent Solutions CRM Pro. 

Instantly Respond to Prospects with Customized Listing Information

Real estate agents spend a lot of time out of the office and are always on the go. Drivebuy technologies helps busy professionals remain in touch at all times and instantly respond with customized listing information. Potential buyers can also use drive by technology to get information without ever leaving their car, which is particularly helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Customizable Listing Information that Drives Traffic to Your Web Page

Digital Flyer allows agents to embed web pages, virtual tours and Facebook pages in the text messages and further customizes the flyers and text riders for real estate.  These links help agents further engage with their prospects and drive traffic to the agent’s website.

Learn more about text for info real estate and why it’s a great marketing tool to boost leads and sales.


The benefits of Digital Flyer include saving time and money, and its ease of use.

Saving Time and Money with Drive by Technology

Drivebuy technologies save time and money. The use of real estate text riders ensures that listings remain accessible at all times. The Digital Flyer phone number also eliminates the need to get riders made for each new listing or manage multiple phone numbers, as agents can simply re-use the same rider. In addition, Digital Flyer drivebuytech also saves time by automating the capture of curbside real estate leads.

Agents who use drive by technology no longer need to drive around town to keep yard sign boxes filled with physical flyers, which is time-consuming and expensive. Hard-copy flyers are easily damaged. They’re not well-protected from rain and snow that may leak into a yard sign box. Furthermore, they tend to get picked up by curious neighbors who want to know the price of your home but aren’t interested in buying it.

Ease of Use

Digital Flyer is easy to set up and use. It focuses on simplifying the users’ experience for drivebuy technologies by ensuring they can perform actions intuitively. The flyers are automatically formatted when the listing MLS number is added to your account. There’s no need to manually add the listing information when using drivebuytech. 

Getting Started

Important aspects of getting started with Digital Flyer drivebytechnology include pricing,  configuring your account, and the ability for teams to forward text leads.


  • Digital Flyer starts with a free trial and no setup fees.
  • Complimentary one-on-one onboarding included.
  • There are no per message or per lead charges.
  • A monthly subscription is $24.95 (including $4.99 for the one phone number needed) and allows you to run five simultaneous listings
  • Additional text IDs are sold in blocks of five and are $11.99 per month.
  • Annual subscriptions are discounted 15%

Logging In

You’ll create a realestate sign text for info login when you sign up for Digital Flyer, including username and password. Login to your account at and bookmark that page. 

drivebuy tech login

Forwarding Drive by Technology Text Leads

Agents who are part of a small team will often want to forward drivebuytech text leads to the mobile phones of other team members. This process requires users to set up a free Google Voice account if they don’t already have one. Pro Agent Solutions’ customer support can assist teams with the set-up.

Learn more about realestate sign text for info and why it’s a great marketing tool to boost listing leads. You may also want to 

Sign Riders

Agents and property managers can purchase reusable Digital Flyer text riders for real estate from Pro Agent Solutions’ sign vendor or use a local vendor. Our signs are competitively priced and ship within five business days. Please contact us to request pricing for a Digital Flyer text rider using drivebuytech.

What Separates Digital Flyer Drive by Technology From the Competition? 

  • All you have to do is enter a listing MLS to automatically format Digital Flyer drivebytechnology. Listings do not need to be manually added unless the property is not on the MLS. 
  • Listing leads can be forwarded by text to up to six team members.
  • We offer a free trial with no set-up fees for Digital Flyer drivebuytech software.

Advice for Ambitious Agents

The best advice we can offer to ambitious real estate agents and property managers looking to succeed is to be proactive. Act on leads immediately. Digital Flyer, text riders for real estate, drivebytechnology and text for real estate agents can help you achieve your real estate industry sales goals. You also need a great website with professional marketing materials for the real estate buyers and sellers. Effectively converting and acting quickly on online leads will exponentially increase your sales potential.

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