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For a real estate agent, a real estate website is the hub for almost all marketing campaigns. Direct response marketing for real estate agents is an important strategy that typically brings leads to your website. You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time adding to your website, but what’s on your real estate website About page?

Do You Need to Tell Your Internet Visitors What You’re About?

The short answer is yes.

It’s often been said that when a visitor first lands on your real estate website they don’t care about you, and typically, that’s true. The odds are they’re looking for a local website with an MLS search where they can see homes for sale. But, the reason agents get leads from their websites is because at some point, the visitor considers whether or not to hire you.

The visitor has probably adopted your website for their internet research on homes, and while they’re there, they’ve read some of your blog posts and the community pages on your site. They’ve figured out that you know what you’re talking about, and they want to know more about you. That’s why you need a real estate website about page.

The big question is: What do you tell them?

Should You Write a Bio?

You could. A biography, however, is usually all about you: where you went to school, what real estate training you’ve had, when you started in real estate, which brokerages you’ve been associated with, the designations you hold, the awards you’ve won, what you like to do in your spare time and whether you have a significant other and/or kids.

Many agents are very proud of all they’ve accomplished, and they just can’t help but list it all out. Unfortunately, a standard bio doesn’t mean that much to your visitors. In fact, it’s been reported that some consumers think if you’re a member of a Million Dollar Club, it means you’re making $1 million or more a year. That can be very intimidating, and sometimes the consumer wonders just what you do to earn that much money. Unless you’re working with millionaires, it’s not always a positive thing.

If you are determined that you need to publish that list of things all about you, put it on a page that indicates it’s a biography so that people will know what to expect.

real estate website about pageWhat Is It About You that Visitors Really Want to Know?

What your visitors really want to know is: “What can you do for me?” You might think that a visitor will understand that all of your designations means you’re a great agent. But, they won’t. It’s your job to tell them what you can do for them in a way that they’ll understand.

Don’t be locked into writing an “About” page. You can call it “Why Work with Jim?” or “What Can Jim Do for You?” Visitors will be much more likely to go to a page with a title that’s more interesting than About.

How Do You Write This Magic Page?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can’t write this page off the top of your head in two minutes. You’ll need to think about what you offer your clients. Think about how the tools you use such as showing feedback or real estate text riders help your sellers succeed. Think about the experience you have, and what you know about the local market.

If you’ve created a brand, you’ve already gone through the process of figuring out what benefits you bring to your client, what your competitive advantages are and what your value proposition is. If you haven’t created a brand, now would be a good time to do that.

When you write this page, make sure you’re describing things from your client’s point of view. For example:

  • Wrong: I can help you find the right home. Right: Because of the local market knowledge I can share with you, you’ll find just the right home for you and your family.
  • Wrong: I have earned the SRS designation. Right: You’ll get the right advice because the work I did to earn the SRES designation makes me uniquely qualified to help you make the best decisions about this next stage of your life.

Write Your Magic Page Today!

If you don’t have a great “why me” page, now’s the time to put one together. It will help your clients get to know you. Besides that, if you put the effort in, you’ll end up with a coherent marketing message that you can use over and over again.


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