When to use a real estate virtual assistant

If you’re a solo real estate agent, it may be time to consider using a real estate virtual assistant. If you’re spending too much time managing your business rather than focusing on revenue generating tasks, it may be time to hire some virtual help.

Is It Time for You to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

You know that when you have more leads than you can handle, it’s time to consider building a real estate team. But, what if you don’t want to build a team, but just have too much to do? Or, what if you want to get some experience working with an assistant before you commit to hiring one full-time to start building a team?

Those situations would be good times to consider working with a real estate virtual assistant. There are some advantages to working with a Virtual Assistant (VA).

  • A VA is an independent contractor. For tax purposes, all you’ll need to do is issue a 1099 at the end of the year. You won’t need to do any withholding throughout the year.
  • Your VA maintains their own office. You won’t need to supply office equipment or space.
  • Real estate VAs are typically familiar with a range of real estate computer applications.
  • You only pay for the time the VA spends working for you. You’ll end up paying less for a VA because you’re not paying for lunch breaks or time off.
  • VAs can work in a variety of ways: full-time, part-time, per project, on retainer, or just whenever you need help.

What Can A VA Do?

When to use a real estate virtual assistantYou’ll need to make a plan that describes exactly what you want to delegate to your VA. It’s important to have a written list or “job description.” It will help you hire the right person since you can quickly discover if their skills match your needs. It will also be the basis for communicating assignments to avoid confusion or miscommunication.

To make that list, think about all of the things that you need to do to run your business. Many of the things you do require your specific expertise. For example, you’ll want to maintain control over writing contracts, negotiating deals, conducting listing presentations, and more.

Some tasks are administrative activities you need to do to run your business, and you would be able to delegate those activities to a VA. Here are just some examples:

  • Maintaining your website. If you look for a VA who is familiar with your website platform, that person could do regular software updates, check for broken links, and more.
  • Maintaining your blog. If you look for a VA with strong writing skills, you’ll be able to delegate the task of writing and uploading blog posts.
  • Maintaining your contact lists. A VA can ensure that your real estate CRM software is up to date.
  • Send email marketing campaigns. Your VA can manage email marketing campaigns and may be able to create them, also.
  • Showing services. Your VA can monitor your showing software for real estate, and your showing feedback to keep you apprised of activity and comments on your listings.
  • Social media. Your VA can write and schedule posts, and respond to comments, to keep your social media presence alive.

Next Steps

If you are spending more time on administrative tasks than you are on lead generating tasks, you’re at a crossroads. If you keep the status quo, it will be difficult or impossible to continue building your business. A real estate virtual assistant may be the perfect choice. Take the time now to investigate if the time has come to hire some help!

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