Want to track email opens and clicks for your contacts?

Now you can track email opens and clicks for your contacts so you can tell when someone is reading your email and call them immediately when you know you are on the top of their mind!

How to track email opens and clicks

Pro Agent Solutions is committed to continuously improving our platform and products to increase the value of our solution to our user community. We just launched a new real estate crm feature for CRM Pro that enables notifications for noteworthy events to our users in the user interface.  We have built a general purpose notification platform that we will be using to notify the user whenever they have something important to review.

Along with the release of the notification platform, we have also released our first set of notifications to track email opens and clicks. We do have an existing capability to track email opens and clicks in the email history tab for the various entities (contacts, listings, showings,…), but this new feature notifies you regardless of what page you are on in PAS in near real-time when your emails have been clicked or opened as a notification.

You will find the notifications feature via the bell icon which is located in the top right of the agent user interface screen now above the green menu bar as noted in the screenshot below. The bell will have a badge (white text over red background just like in Facebook’s icon) when you have unread notifications noting the count.

2018-10-05 01_39_49-Dashboard _ Pro Agent Solutions


Clicking the bell icon will trigger a pop up with the notifications. After clicking the bell, the notification count will be zeroed out. Further, the notifications for email clicks and opens will contain a hyperlink to the email history page of the relevant contact. Note that the notification will only link to a contact if the communication was sent to a contact in your account via the email contact or Schedule Pro showing scheduling features.


2018-10-05 01_46_41-Dashboard _ Pro Agent Solutions

You will also now find a separate selector to clear notifications, which will clear them from showing in the pop up. There is also a selector to clear individual notifications from the list one at a time.

2018-10-05 01_51_36-Dashboard _ Pro Agent Solutions

Ready to check out the new update?

If you are a paid customer of Pro Agent Solutions and don’t have CRM Pro yet, you can login to your account and follow the instructions here to add CRM Pro and check out this latest feature.

Not a Pro Agent Solutions customer yet? Browse our plan options or sign up here.

If you have any questions, comments, or additional feedback; leave a comment below or you may call us at 800.245.1526 or contact support here.

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