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Every lead counts. Every showing needs not only to provide a new set of leads but also needs to provide information, data that can be used to make better decisions. And, all residential real estate brokers and agents need to find a way to effectively manage their time while meeting these goals.

For many real estate agents and brokers, showings have changed over the years. While they used to be the easy way to get leads and to sell a home, today they are more about collecting data and making better decisions for the future of the listing. Showings are most effective when you can manage them efficiently, gather data from them, and manage the new leads you obtain through them. It may seem difficult to utilize each listing in this manner. It doesn’t have to be with the right tools and resources available to you.

When considering real estate showing solutions, there are a number of key things to look for in the product itself. Below are the most important and valuable features to look for in any type of management system you select.

#1: Use Automated Showing Feedback

One of the most important components of any type of showing solutions is automating the process. Automated showing feedback provides a fast and simple way to gather information and data. Every real estate agent wants feedback. As soon as a prospective buyer leaves, you want to know what type of information they can share with you – what was the good and the bad? Yet, getting this data can be complex and time-consuming. Automated showing feedback for your listings enhances the process, ensuring more data effectively.

The most effective showing solutions, such as Feedback Pro, automatically download the showing feedback from Supra, Risco, and SentriLock electronic lockboxes. It then automatically emails the showing agent with the most important and valuable feedback questions. Once those questions are answered, the system automatically emails you and your client the responses received.

Automation should never be difficult for a real estate showing either. It should allow you to easily enter or otherwise import the listings from the MLS and then allows you to assign an electronic lockbox number, and then goes to work for you. The benefit here is clear. When you use an automated solution like this, you get feedback in an easy, hands-off manner.

#2: Utilize Showing Scheduling Software

Using an automated scheduling program could be exactly what you have been looking for when it comes to managing the showing solutions process. Automation makes the process simplistic and ensures you spend less time managing the details and organizing your showing and more time doing the tasks that are so valuable to your success, like working with your leads. Some programs do an excellent job of making scheduling easier to manage.

Using a product like Schedule Pro gives you a simple way to automate your showing scheduling. It allows you to manage all of the details including a team calendar, getting approvals, and sending notifications. It then works to capture feedback from your showings.

What is the real benefit of a product like this for your real estate showings? There are several key benefits you are sure to love right away. It saves you time and money. You can skip using call centers for this type of work. Instead, you gain access to a cloud-based showing solutions service when you schedule the showing. This type of software works to eliminate any chance that someone – somewhere will make a mistake. And, it saves your team time instantly. It then reduces the cost of operations significant by reducing that time demand. What’s more, it is rather easy to use, which can be the most important component in itself.

#3: Management of Multiple Listings Made Easy

There are two key tasks that are important here. First, you need to be able to manage your showing solutions in an effortless fashion. We’ve covered that so far. However, it is also important to learn how these tools can help you manage all of your listings in a single, powerful solution.

When you can manage multiple listings – unlimited property listings – in one application, every bit of information becomes easier to access and monitor. You can use these tools to important listings by the MLS number, making the entire input process faster and less time-consuming.

Some of the best software out there goes further by allowing you to manage all of the content for every listing in one place. This includes any notes you have for the listings and unlimited images per your listing. You also gain access to what’s happening with that listing including an email history for it. With better and more efficient listing management, there’s less time spent trying to get basic information and more time spent working with buyers.

#4:  The Seller Side – Sharing Information Is Easy

A lot of times, it seems like just the agent or broker has all of the information and details in their heads about a property. If you receive feedback that you believe is important, you know the value of sharing that with your seller. Yet, having the time to manage this type of communication can be challenging, especially when the feedback may not be what the seller wants to hear.

The best applications make the showing solutions process more streamlined. Imagine having a seller’s portal, a location where the seller can visit and gather insight and information. Some of the best software programs give the client a dedicated website where they can go to gather information about their property.



The benefit is saving time on your side, but it also provides very valuable information to your clients on their real estate showings. The seller is able to view the showings to speed up planning for them. They also are able to view feedback left. They can then review the stats for their property and more information than ever before. By providing this, you are empowering your seller to make better decisions for their property going forward.

#5: Nearly Limitless Design Features

Every business is unique. In order to effectively manage your property, you need specific information and data, yet that can be hard to obtain even in the most basic form. We’ve already discussed the benefits of using automated listing feedback, but what about asking the right questions?

Some of the best solutions give you more ability to design questionnaires and insight the way that it works for your listing. Imagine being able to ask specific questions about the property to gain insight into what buyers may be thinking. You can customize the questionnaires to meet your goals specifically for real estate showing solutions, giving you more insight and opportunity to make selling decisions.

#6: Listing and Showing Reports

Whether or not your seller gains access to a portal for gathering information, they should be able to gain information and insight through reports. Some of the best showing solutions allow you to create a listing and showing reports designed for your seller. With this information, they are always getting the key (and valuable) information they need to move them closer to selling.

Some of the best solutions allow you to create custom reports to fit your needs. Progress reports are another important feedback tool. They allow you to show your seller that you are working on the listing and getting the information out there. With this information, they may be more likely to make changes to their property or reduce their price if they are not getting enough hits from it. Reports like this provide factual data that can help your sellers make better decisions about their real estate showing.

#7: Email Updates to Showing Agents

Another nice feature of the best of products is being able to communicate with the showing agents. For example, you may be able to design a report that goes out to all of the showing agents who have shown that property previously. This gives you a direct way to connect with those agents again, allowing you to update them with new information or provide insight that is valuable.

What’s more, a key way to do this is through a simple design. You do not want to have to type out email after email to a group of people. Instead, you want to be able to communicate with a group of these agents in an easy way. Imagine, for example, that you need to communicate a price drop across all of your showing agents. With a simple message, that information heads out into the hands of their buyer.

Look for software showing solutions capable of offering you the flexibility to meet each one of these and other needs. Remember the value of choosing a system designed to make your job a bit easier but also more effectively managed.

How Pro Agent Solutions Makes Real Estate Showings Effortless

With so many applications and automated features, Pro Agent is the go-to option for real estate brokers and agents who want to make the most out of their time. It is easy to use but also highly effective and makes it possible to improve your ability to list and manage showings as well as gathering and using data. The bottom line is always the sale. With these types of tools, you are better able to use your time to capture that sale.

Pro Agent Solutions is a must-have option for every real estate agent and broker who wants to make the most out of every showing they have. Take a moment to contact our team to learn more about these products, including Feedback Pro and Schedule Pro. Find out what can happen now to help you get the results you need. Sign up for a paid subscription with us now or request a free trial to see which product(s) might work best for you.

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