Pro Agent Solutions is committed to continuously improving our platform and products to increase the value of our solution to our user community. We just launched a new feature in Pro Agent Solutions version 3.0.43 for our real estate CRM software product called CRM Pro.

With this new release, now you can now create recurring activities with CRM Pro. In CRM Pro an activity can be either a calendar appointment or a task, which gives you a unified view to see both. With this new feature you can create recurring appointments or tasks to manage in Pro Agent Solutions. You will notice that this interface looks similar to modern calendar interfaces for recurrence like you would see in Google Calendar or with Microsoft Outlook. Last, you can also use our Zapier interface to import or export your activities from PAS to other software applications on the Zapier platform.

If you don’t currently have a CRM Pro subscription and would like to use this feature, this help article details how to add the CRM Pro to your account for.

If you have any questions or comments on this new feature, please do reach out to us here.

Thanks and happy selling!


real estate crm recurring activities

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