Announcing Monthly Updates

Please review the list of the updates we have implemented over the last month. All of these updates are live in our system now.


Our enhancements include:

  • Upload bio images to contacts or use a Gravatar by default if there is no image
  • Remove interim form step when creating a contact
  • Add agent ID to Digital Flyer if the account has an agent ID under My Account
  • View the Contact Details page in other agent accounts under broker when sharing contacts
  • Display document size in the document upload grid and document selection panel
  • Selector to share or mark private documents when using broker portal
  • Put Showing Type in showing emails sent to Showing Contacts
  • Action to unmark activity as completed in activities grid
  • Click to Call with CRM Pro
  • Auto-check the “Primary?” box when a user adds a Telephone and Email Address
  • Document Attachment in Emails
  • Chat Live with Pro Agent Solutions
  • Button to go to the next/previous contact on filtered contacts
  • Ability to add a subscription for additional 10 packs of Digital Flyer Text IDs in My Account>Subscriptions
  • Selector to add multiple selected contacts in the contacts grid into a contact strategy
  • Update top-level menu to remove redundant Dashboard section and move marketing functions from Setup to Marketing
  • Assign a contact to another agent for lead routing when using the broker portal with a team
  • Change the PAS logo to an agent account Broker/Logo image in Digital Flyer if it exists


Our Bug Fixes Include:

  • Listings not importing possibly due to duplicates
  • Exception error when adding a new contact for agents under a broker account
  • Phone number and email address not being saved
  • Start/Date time change not saving at Edit Activities form for Schedule Pro Showing/Activity
  • Emails go into a retrying state without sending


Watch out for more enhancements…

  • A platform and a user interface indicator for generating user notifications such as email opens/clicks

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