Pro Agent Solutions has been working hard to enhance our platform to generate more value for users. Below is an overview of new features and enhancements released in Q1.

Exterior image embedded in Digital Flyer texts and shortened URLs

A new Digital Flyer feature sends a prospective home buyer, who has requested information on a listing, an exterior image of the listing embedded in the text so they can be reminded what the home looks like. The URLs in Digital Flyer have also been shortened to be more concise.


Configurable Digital Flyer CTA (Call to Action) text

Agents can now customize a call to action on their Digital Flyers to direct prospects to their websites or virtual tours.

2019-04-08 22_33_45-Clipboard

“Coming Soon” as a listing status

“Coming Soon” has been being added as a listing status so agents can use Digital Flyer before their listing hits the MLS.

2019-04-11 04_18_15-Edit _ Pro Agent Solutions

Updated Showing Feedback CTA button to improve response rate

Another new Showing Pro feature is the “Give Feedback” CTA button in the Showing Pro showing feedback request emails. This allows showing agents to more quickly click on the button to respond to the feedback request.

2019-04-11 04_27_32-Clipboard

Clickable hyperlinks on the email and category fields in the contact grid

A new CRM Pro feature allows agents to click on an email address hyperlink from either the contact grid or contact details page and be directed to the email contacts page with that contact’s email address pre-populated in the email address field.

Another update allows the agent to click on category hyperlinks from the contact grid, and quickly filter and display all contacts with that category.

Scheduling the date/time to send outbound emails

Agents can now schedule the date/time of outbound emails for optimal response by clicking on the grey SCHEDULE EMAIL button

2019-04-06 03_38_50-Email Contacts _ Pro Agent Solutions

Changing the type of note option “Text” to “Standard Note” in the Showing Pro showing scheduling screen

A new Showing Pro features changed the Type of Note option “Text” to “Standard Note” in the Showing Pro showing scheduling screen so users don’t confuse it with an SMS text.

2019-04-11 03_46_42-Clipboard

Removal of some fields from edit activity form for a Showing Pro showing activity

The other new Showing Pro feature is that the fields only relevant for a standard activity (created with Activities>Add New Activity only available in CRM Pro) but not a showing activity (created with Activities>Schedule Showing only available in Showing Pro) were removed from the Edit Activity screen for a Showing Activity.

Top level UI menu changes

Other new software features are some minor changes to the top level menu structure so that it better aligns with an agent’s workflow.

2019-04-11 04_05_54-Dashboard _ Pro Agent Solutions

Ready to take advantage of the new updates?

If you are a paid customer of Pro Agent Solutions and don’t have Digital Flyer, CRM Pro, and Showing Pro yet, login to your account and follow the instructions here to add Digital Flyer, CRM Pro, and Showing Pro and check out these latest features.

Not a Pro Agent Solutions customer yet? Browse our plan options or sign up here.

If you have any questions, comments or additional feedback; leave a comment below or  call us at 800.245.1526 or contact support here.

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