Announcing Monthly Updates

Please review the list of software updates we have implemented over the last month. All of these updates are live in our system now.

Our enhancements include:

  • Scheduling the date/time to send outbound emails
  • Addition of “AddOn: Lockbox Profile” in available subscriptions detailed here
  • Searching contacts by their address in Quick Search
  • Showing the email address in notifications if there’s no contact id
  • Clickable hyperlinks on the email and category fields in the contact grid

The bugs we fixed include:

  • Some pop-ups not displaying properly in the Microsoft IE and Edge browsers
  • Listing disappears in listing dropdown on closing after selecting a seller
  • Select all X contacts and Undo doesn’t work
  • Broken Show Private Comment Box and Show Public Comment Box selectors
  • Answers from open-ended questions appear only in the showing reports and not on the listing report
  • Repeated emails from strategies

Watch out for more enhancements coming soon…

  • Revisions to our showing management product packages
  • Activities sharing for agent accounts under a broker account

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