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Real estate is a highly competitive industry, so agents need to use the best technology to achieve an advantage. It’s particularly important to use software tools for tasks such as generating and tracking leads, scheduling showings and sending out feedback requests. Pro Agent Solutions has a showing suite of software to perform these tasks that consists of the following three products:

Showing Pro

Showing Pro is the scheduling and feedback component of our showing suite, which helps clients automate the scheduling of showings and send out feedback requests. This real estate broker management software is designed to simplify the user’s experience. It allows you to spend your time selling homes instead of struggling with technology. Schedule Pro consists of two distinct components, including Showing Scheduler and Showing Feedback. Showing Scheduler automates scheduling showing. Showing Feedback automatically sends feedback requests to buyers agents.

Showing Scheduler

Showing Scheduler provides an end-to-end automated workflow for scheduling showings, managing team calendars, obtaining approvals and sending notifications. It uses cloud-based services to schedule showings instead of call centers, which dramatically reduces the risk of human error and lowers operational costs. Showing Scheduler is affordable and easy to manage, whether you use it for all your listings or just one agent. Appointment scheduling for real estate agents has never been easier.

How it works

The Showing Pro part of our showing suite lets you schedule showings for real estate from our online portal, with calendars that show all the listings for your team. Each team member can see their calendar from any device with internet connectivity, including desktops, tablets and phones. Our mobile app allows users to schedule showings and view their calendar while on the go.

Team members can also manage other tasks in their calendar in addition to showings. You can also specify the parties who need to approve the showing, whether it’s the listing agent, showing agent and seller. Showing Pro then generates the approvals automatically and sends confirmation to the interested parties via text and email once everyone approves the showing. The software also stores the agents’ contact information when they schedule showings for your listings, which you can use to notify them of events for their listings such as price reductions and open houses.


Showing Scheduler displays the calendar activities for your entire team in a single view for both the standard online portal and mobile-friendly site. You thus use this component of our showing suite to plan the schedule across all listing for your entire team. Showing Scheduler can also filter showings by agents or listings, which is beneficial for individual agents. Additional capabilities include using CRM Pro to track other calendar tasks besides showings. Showing Scheduler also uses the Zapier interface to automatically import and export these activities between other applications on the Zapier platform. Zapier is a web-based service that allows users to integrate their web applications.

Showing Feedback

Showing Feedback automates showing feedback for your listings. It downloads showings from Sentrilock and Supra electronic lockboxes, and emails feedback questions to the showing agent. The agent completes the feedback, and the software emails the responses back to you and your client.

You only need to enter your listings or import them from your local MLS and assign them an electronic lockbox number from your existing lockbox inventory. Showing Feedback then automates your feedback system with a template that generates your feedback form. This part of our showing suite makes it much easier to request and receive feedback from agents.

Improved Efficiency

Automating the collection and distribution of realtor feedback from showings increases your efficiency by allowing you to focus on strategic tasks. Showing feedback automatically imports your showings from lockboxes and sends e-mail messages to both you and the seller notifying you of the showing. The showing agent also receives a customized questionnaire, which is automatically sent to you and your client on completion. This capability helps you obtain buyer feedback quickly and efficiency, allowing you to close more deals.

Showing Feedback also increases the quality of feedback. Requesting feedback online allows showing agents to be more honest since they’re not speaking to you personally. Furthermore, response rates will be higher since this process requires less effort on the part of the showing agent. Showing Feedback also manages the collection of feedback, providing you with greater insight on how the property is showing and if it’s appropriately priced. The ability to customize the feedback questionnaire also helps to set seller expectations and streamline the sales process.

Digital Flyer

Digital Flyer is the part of our showing suite that uses Short Message Service (SMS) marketing to generate curbside leads that you may be missing. A rider can be added to the For Sale sign containing a local phone number and instructions to send a text message requesting more information on the property. Send the text “101” to 678-929-6001 to receive an example of what an interested buyer will receive.

showing suite

Text Lead Capture

Our solution for capturing text leads allows prospective buyers to text a short numeric code to a local phone number on a real estate rider.  Digital Flyer receives this request and automatically sends listing information to the buyer, including description, photos and price. This capability allows you to quickly respond to a buyer’s request for information on your listings.

More importantly, you get the buyer’s phone number texted and emailed to you while they’re still in front of the house. The contact is also populated in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component of our showing suite for future reference. You can use Digital Flyer and CRM Pro in conjunction to nurture and close leads that you otherwise wouldn’t know existed.

Save Time and Money

Digital Flyer uses SMS marketing to save you money. You don’t need to change your existing sign riders or manage multiple phone numbers because Digital Flyer can access all of your listings with the same phone number. That also means you can simply reuse the same riders on the listings.

Furthermore, this part of our showing suite saves trees by reducing the number of flyers you need to print. Hard copies of flyers get damaged by weather and picked up by curious neighbors, requiring you to drive to the property periodically and replenish them. Digital Flyer also helps automate the capture of curbside leads that you can miss without SMS marketing

How it Works

Use the SMS sign riders by logging on to your Pro Agent Solutions account. Import a listing and assign it to a text ID. All you need to do after that is to include the text ID and phone number on the sign rider. You will then be texted and emailed the phone numbers of prospective buyers as they send text messages requesting information on the property.

Once the property sells, you can move the sign rider to another property and re-assign the text ID in your account to use the same text rider on the new listing. This procedure allows you to use the same sign rider over and over again. You can buy the sign riders from a local company or buy them through Pro Agent Solutions. Our riders are competitively priced and ship within five business days. Please contact us for pricing information on our sign riders.

Digital Flyer provides our showing suite users many other marketing opportunities for text messages. For example, you can also increase the exposure of your listings by including text riders in internet posts, real estate books and newspapers. This strategy can drive more buyers to call you, allowing you to sell more homes.


CRM Pro is the part of our showing suite that helps you manage your customer relationships, including the organization and generation of leads. It performs tasks in the following categories:

  • Contact management
  • Calendar management
  • Document management
  • Transaction management
  • Lead capturing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email marketing
  • Integration

Contact Management

Contact management tasks in CRM Pro is also part of the software showing suite includes the importation of contacts from Outlook, Gmail and other CRM applications via a CSV file. CRM Pro also maintains the e-mail history of your contacts including the number of times you have clicked on or open a message. You can maintain complete listing details and buyer profiles for your contacts, and keep additional notes on each contact. Display your contact’s picture with CRM Pro by using their Gravatar image, or upload a custom image for that contact.

You can also share contact information with other members of your team. This information is stored online so they can access it from any location.

Calendar Management

CRM Pro uses your activity records to manage all your calendar tasks, including showings, contacts, listings and showings. You can schedule appointments, phone calls and other to-do items by contact or listing. CRM Pro also allows you to view your calendar by month, week and day, just like in Outlook. You can also elect to receive notice of upcoming events by email or text message. Our mobile experience Ignite is specifically designed for mobile devices, allowing you to view your calendar on the go.

Document Management

CRM Pro’s document management capabilities include the storage of documents such as appraisals, home inspections and property disclosure forms. These documents are stored in the cloud, allowing you to access, upload and download them from any location. The storage method is highly redundant, so you can remain confident they’ll stay secure. You can also share your documents with other members of your team by attaching them to emails or relating them to contacts or listings.

Transaction Management in Showing Suite Software

Transaction functions in CRM Pro include automatically generating standard emails for closings and other activities, allowing you to plan trigger campaign strategies. It also tracks closings so you can generate reports on your sales and commissions, while keeping individual notes on each closing. You can manage an unlimited number of closings with CRM Pro.

Lead Capturing

CRM Pro has a Zapier integration that you can use to import leads from various web sources such as Displet, Facebook Leads, IDX Broker and Zillow. You can also use CRM Pro’s Zapier email parser to read leads that are emailed to you. Additional lead capturing capabilities in CRM Pro include managing an unlimited number of web forms on your website and applying strategies for your email drip campaigns.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture your leads in CRM Pro using its Zapier integration to add your contacts to existing email lists in applications like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. You can also use it to add contacts to direct mail lists such as Click2Mail, Thankster or ZenDirect. In addition, CRM Pro can automatically generate sequences of activities for your leads, including to-dos, calls, tasks, emails and letters. This capability allows you to develop strategies for your contacts, listings and closings, allowing you to remain in constant contact with your clients. You can manage an unlimited number of strategies with CRM Pro.

Email Marketing

CRM Pro also allows you to manage an unlimited number of marketing emails, whether they’re individual messages or part of a drip campaign. You can compose your messages based on one of the hundreds of letters from other real estate professional that are included with CRM Pro.

Use CRM Pro to attach documents to your emails from your repository. You can also insert images from your cloud-based image storage into your email messages. Track the event history of each message in CRM Pro, including delivery status and the number of times the message has been opened. You can also schedule your emails to be sent at a certain date and time.


Your Pro Agent Solutions account allows you to connect to other web applications through Zapier. You can accomplish this by connecting your Pro Agent Solutions account to Zapier from your Zapier integration page. Then, you can view more than a thousand applications on Zapier’ integration page that you can integrate with Pro Agent Solutions.


Technology is one of the most effective ways for realtors to separate themselves from their competition. Software solutions from Pro Agent Solutions perform many tedious tasks for real estate agents, allowing them to spend more time actually showing houses and getting new clients. Our solution consists of three separate components, including Schedule Pro, Digital Flyer and CRM Pro. We also provide a broker portal to manage your office accounts, allowing you to review metrics on your team members for listings, showings and contacts.

Scheduling showings and collecting showing feedback are some of the most time-consuming tasks for realtors, much of which Schedule Pro can automate for you. Digital Flyer uses text messaging to replace paper flyers, allowing you to reuse sign riders and reduce your use of paper. CRM Pro performs many CRM functions for real estate agents, which becomes more important as their contact list grows.

Pro Agent Solutions has been helping its clients sell more homes with technology since 2008. Our focus is on our showing suite of cloud-based software for the real estate agents and brokers. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial of our software.

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