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We live in a fast paced world. People are constantly on the go and schedules are tighter than ever. Everyone is busy and generally just trying to keep up. When someone who’s stretched thin begins to shop for a house, they want to do so in the most effective and efficient way possible. With potential buyers who are on a mission to find their dream home in a short amount of time, it’s important to schedule a showing in a way that meets their needs and leaves a positive impression.. 

Be as Flexible as Possible

Flexibility is vitally important when you schedule a showing. You’ve probably heard, at some point in your life, don’t be too available; it’ll make you look too eager. Now is definitely not the time to heed that advice. You want to be as available as possible. Home buyers in today’s fast paced world are constantly on the move and value efficiency. They also rarely have a lot of patience. When searching for a home, they will often try to view as many houses in a day as they can. It’s a lovely thought, that they’ve only ogled your listing, but that’s likely not the case. They’ve probably developed real estate crushes on several homes by now. It’s up to you to make sure yours is the one they fall in love with. 

Communication is Key

Just like it is with any other relationship, communication is key. If a buyer wants to see several houses in a day, you need to be available to communicate with their agent and provide up to date information as quickly as possible. For agents who have trouble remembering to respond to emails, or those who mentally respond to emails without actually hitting “send” – No judgment, we’ve all been there – scheduling software is a helpful tool to successfully schedule a showing. Technology right? It’s a beautiful thing.

Be Available but not Pushy

It’s important to have all the information a buyer and their agent needs at the ready, but listing agents aren’t typically present unless it’s an open house. It’s up to you to efficiently schedule a showing and make sure the house looks good. Once you’ve done that, and confirmed the showing time works with all parties, your job is done for the moment. You should be ready with information and present if requested, otherwise be elsewhere. Pushy agents are no one’s friend. You don’t want to lose an offer because you suffocated the buyer. Always ask for feedback once the showing is over.  Good news; scheduling software can help with that too.

Use Technology to Your Advantage to Schedule a Showing

In today’s world, technology and success in business go hand in hand. Technology allows us to move faster and provide more information than ever. It’s revolutionized scheduling and communication. This is extremely useful for real estate agents, since readily knowing all available dates and times for showings, as well as providing excellent communication to other realtors, is a huge part of the job. With scheduling software, it’s easier and far less stressful to schedule a showing.

Why You Should Use Scheduling Software 

  • It Saves You Time – You won’t have to remind buyers and their agents about the showing date and time. The software will send out the original showing information and a reminder via text and email. 
  • It Handles Rescheduling Issues – If you need to reschedule a showing, don’t fret. All the needed information, such as dates and times available are provided in one easy to find location, and once you’ve scheduled the new time, an automatic email and text will be sent out with that information. Problem solved within minutes. 
  • It’s Easy to Use – For those who are technologically challenged, don’t fret. You won’t be asked to enter the matrix or forced to solve intricate puzzles to get to your information and figure out how to make a schedule of all your available listings and showings. It’s formatted in a way that anyone can use it, and it’s interface is simply to read and understand.
  • It Ensures Everyone is on the Same Page – Everyone receives the same, up-to-date information. So no one is confused about times or dates, even if the original showing was rescheduled. It gives an added peace of mind and saves a lot of time by eliminating unnecessary phone calls or emails to confirm that everyone is working with the same, up-to-date information.  
  • It Stores Important Contacts – As we said before, communication is key. And with scheduling software, it’s easier than ever to contact anyone involved in the showing because all their information is stored in one convenient location.
  • You Get Feedback Automatically – Like we said, things move fast in today’s world, so it’s only natural for you to want to know if the showing went well. With scheduling software, you can easily get an update because the software automatically sends out a feedback request once the showing is complete without any additional prompting from you. 

If you have been looking to increase your productivity and make it easier and more effective than ever to schedule a showing, consider letting technology help boost your success by using scheduling software. It’s the best way to keep all information in one place.  Sign up here for a free trail of our real estate showing service. 

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