Realtor Yard Signs: 5 Traffic Stopping Tips

Yard signs for selling real estate have long been a staple of the industry. They are a simple and effective marketing tool which allows potential buyers to get the information they need to inquire about a property. Yet, the vast majority of realtors use the same boring yard signs, so they sometimes fade into the background. How do you make sure your signs stand out and get the response you hope for? Here are five tips to ensure your realtor yard signs are not only effective, but inspire those who drive by to stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to your listing.

Real estate yard signs

1. Use a Different Shape

Those driving by homes for sale often see traditional yard signs which can vary in size and quality, but they all have one thing in common—they are square. When you use a different shape for your yard signs, whether a circle, a hexagon, or asymmetrical shape, you increase the chances that someone going by your listing will take notice of the sign because it stands out.

2. Don’t Forget to add Color to Realtor Yard Signs

Bold colors grab a reader’s attention whether they are walking or driving by your yard sign. If you are using traditional wood post frames, you can paint them to draw attention to your sign, or you can ensure you have bold colors on the sign itself. Be careful so you don’t cheapen your brand by creating a kitschy look and make sure you don’t sacrifice readability for color. It doesn’t matter how bright and bold your sign is, if those who pass by cannot read it, you aren’t using your sign to its full advantage. Instead, focus on finding colors that contrast with your brand colors and make them pop. You can’t go wrong with red, the ultimate attention grabber. Yet, you need to contrast its brightness with black, white, or navy.

3. Add Professional Photos

Consider adding your head shot or some kind of scenic image to your yard signs. Small, well-placed graphics can break up your text and make your realtor yard signs stand out. Yet, be careful not to make your sign too busy by adding an image when it doesn’t work with the design of your yard sign. If you try to make your text smaller and cram a photo on your signs, you can run into a readability problem. When images do work on your signs, they will become part of your brand. Make sure to spend the extra expense to hire a professional photographer and get stunning, professional looking images which will draw the eye of those who go by your signs.

4. Add Lighting to Your Realtor Yard Signs

If you aren’t lighting up your realtor yard signs, you are losing valuable hours each day where a potential buyer might see your listing when they drive or walk by the property. You can illuminate your yard signs in many different ways depending on your budget. You can find higher end solutions in the form of ready made real estate sign lights such as those made by enlogik, or you can start out with do-it-yourself lighting until you can upgrade. 

Some DIY options include inexpensive solar yard lights which you can put in the ground and point at your sign. You can find these online or at your favorite big box retailer. You can also find a variety of individual stick-on LED lights or light strips, which you can mount to your sign. Remember to look for outdoor or waterproof versions so you don’t have to replace them after it rains. Regardless of which solution you use, when you light up your yard signs you increase the hours in a day where potential buyers can see your sign.

5. Use Real Estate Sign Riders to Promote Action

When you look at other realtor yard signs, you probably notice whether or not they are using a rider atop or below their sign. If they are using riders, they often have generic information like “For Sale” or a phone number. Sign riders offer valuable space where you can catch a readers attention and get them to stop and take action. However, generic messages aren’t going to do the trick. A quick Pinterest search provides some funny rider messages such as “Honey, Stop the Car!,” “I’m not haunted!” and “Gluten Free!”

You can go the comedic route on your sign riders to grab the attention of readers. A better option to capture leads is to add a Call to Action (CTA) with real estate sign riders. Readers know to call the phone number, so you don’t waste valuable space telling them to do something they already know how to do. Instead, consider printing a code or number for readers to text to get more information. As always, have your phone number on the realtor yard sign, but use the rider as a lead capture tool. When potential buyers write down an email or a number, many wait until they have time to make a call, or maybe, they are just kicking tires. When a potential buyer takes the time to text immediately, they are giving you their phone number while they are still in front of the property.


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