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Most real estate brokers and agents are investing heavily in the use of online marketing tools. It’s true – most buyers are starting their journey online. However, not all are ready to click the “get more information” button online to begin working with an agent. Rather, they gather data, turn on their GPS, and track down homes in the area that seem interesting to them online. When they pull up to the curb, these would-be buyers make an instant decision about whether to look further or to drive on to the next property.

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For real estate agents and buyers hoping to capitalize on those sales, it comes down to the real estate sign riders. These seemingly simple tools are one of the most interactive and lead-driven tools available. As that would-be buyer is sitting outside the home, looking at what it may have to offer, he or she has a phone in hand. If that real estate sign rider provides enough of the right information, that buyer is going to send a message or contact the agent on the sign.

If that rider isn’t there and the information is harder to get, they are generally going to have to go back to the website they gathered information on and try to find the home again. This slows down the process of capturing the buyer’s contact information. Yet, simple real estate rider signs – with a few key updates – can deliver a higher return on investment than much of the marketing done online. For the real estate broker and agent who needs to improve profit margins and reduce the number of leads lost, this is a critical first step.

What Are Real Estate Sign Riders?

Most agents know the value of placing a sign in the front yard of a listing. This sign designates the home for sale, communicating to anyone passing by it’s available. Yet, it’s not as simple as that. These signs provide key communication tools, allowing agents to network and build leads. It’s clear from research these signs not only build interest in a specific home, but also open the door for new opportunities. If the buyer contacts an agent listed on the sign, he or she may not buy that particular home. However, the agent has the buyer’s information and, if properly cultivated, can begin to build a relationship with and sell to that buyer across a larger spectrum.

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The real estate sign riders and real estate text riders, though, are a detail not to overlook. The sign riders for realtors are small add-ons to the “For Sale” sign. In some situations, sign riders for real estate look like afterthoughts. The real estate name rider is added to a company-wide sign. It provides a bit of information or a phone number. Some are as simple as saying “call us” or “for sale.” Those are ineffective and missing a key opportunity. As a real estate agent or broker, it is important to recognize the value that sign riders for real estate can offer in the grand scheme of marketing the property.

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Know the Goal of the Real Estate Sign Rider

The goal of using a real estate sign rider and real estate text riders is simple. Use it to communicate a specific step or the offline version of a call-to-action to the person driving by the home. The sign itself provides the initial advertisement. Properly positioned in the yard at the height of those drivers passing by, the sign itself should catch their attention. As a person drives past, they initially should look up at the home. As they continue to pass by over the next few days, they stop and look. They want to learn more. They use the information on the real estate rider signs to connect them with the agent selling the home.

All agents should have real estate name riders that communicates their information.  These sign riders for realtors need to provide would-be buyers a way to contact agents to get more information.

Are They All the Same?

Many agents may be wondering why sign riders for real estate and drivebuytech make such a big difference in the sale of a home. Designed properly, they can help the agent capture important and increasingly difficult to obtain leads.

Real estate text riders like this are not all the same. They should be customized to include the agent’s contact method. Use them to communicate a specific step the buyer should take to get the information available. They should also be very durable, brightly colored, and designed to be easy to view from the window of a passing vehicle. Yet, aside from those basic rules, there are plenty of ways to customize sign riders for real estate. In doing so, it may be possible to capture the attention of more buyers.

There are a few simple tips to consider, but before focusing on that, consider why it is worth spending a bit more on these riders than on other types of marketing.

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Is It Worth Spending More on Riders?

The key to remember about real estate name riders and drivebuytech is that they create a bit of personalization for the would-be buyer. Every real estate for sale sign tends to look the same, offering the same basic information, broker logo, and details. Real estate riders provide customers with basic information, point them in the right direction and can help them get the information they need to buy.

It does not have to be expensive to invest in real estate sign riders. In many situations, the very best versions of these are designed to be long-lasting. They are also customized to fit a specific need. In short, this is an inexpensive way to invest in marketing your property. Options exist to choose fairly good quality products without spending much. A real estate brokerage logo can help further customize your riders.

real estate sign riders

Taking It to the Next Level

A simple sign can only do so much. Imagine having a real estate sign rider hanging from a for sale sign in front of a high-valued home. That would-be buyer is sitting in front of the property, smiling and dreaming of raising a family in that home. It can be an incredible opportunity not just for that buyer, but also the agent. To ensure this happens, consider an upgrade to a different type of real estate sign rider.

Some of the most advanced options provide more information and support to the agent as well as to the customer. For example, imagine real estate text sign riders. These allow for an agent to receive leads right from the sign rider delivered to their smartphone by drivebuytech. As that buyer is sitting there, watching the home, they are able to send a message directly to the agent who can respond immediately.

There is no doubt this provides an immediate opportunity to capture that lead. What may be even more important to recognize is that if that agent does not take the steps necessary to connect with that buyer right away – at that first moment – that buyers are going to move on to the next home and the next agent who does respond faster.

The typical sign rider is a good start. However, a real estate text rider goes further.

Consider Digital Flyer

A real estate text sign rider provides an opportunity to do more with a lead. The process using Digital Flyer, and drivebuytech, is incredibly simple. The would-be buyer sitting in his or her car can send a simple text message using the info on the real estate riders. It sounds simple enough, but what happens next is what allows the best brokers to capture more leads and turns more leads into buyers.

The Digital Flyer system automatically sends the buyer a detailed text with the listing information. They get all of the information they need including photos of the interior, pricing information, and any other information the agent deems valuable. All of this heads right to the user’s mobile phone.

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Consider this before considering the other components of the service. Now, that buyer is sitting there learning about the home. They are not driving past and planning to look it up later. Rather, they can check out the photos and see whether the home seems like a good choice for their needs. They also get pricing information that is clear – not just a simple price tag on the for sale sign. This allows the buyer to instantly make a decision – should they get more information or pass on this property for a potential other sale down the road?

What Digital Flyer Does in the Background

Here’s what makes a service like Digital Flyer worthwhile, though. That text message from the buyer using the data from the rider is instantly accessible. The service immediately sends the phone number to the agent. The agent receives a text message about the buyer’s decision to gather information about the property and the phone number.

That means that the agent is no longer waiting for the buyer to make the next move. Rather, the agent is empowered because he or she has the number of the buyer in hand. Consider calling that buyer the next day (or even later the same day). Follow up on their request about the home. Gather insight into what they are looking for in a property. And, get their contact information to add to your marketing efforts.

In this simple step, the agent has the information he or she needs to begin the process of selling a buyer a home. Most people who are looking at homes like this, and requesting details in this manner, are not working with a real estate agent. Or, if they are, they are frustrated that the agent has yet to provide them with communications about this property (and potentially others).  This is a buyer who may already be pre-qualified to buy a home. Or, he or she could be brand new to looking for a home. In either case, they need help to continue on the sales journey, and the agent with their phone number can make it happen.

The Benefits of Using Real Estate Sign Riders with an SMS Feature

As noted previously, the use of any real estate sign rider and drivebuytech is a very good investment. It is also an inexpensive one. Brokers and agents who want to do more with this tool can do so using the real estate sign text rider. It allows for a number of additional benefits.

Again, take the example of Digital Flyer. How does it work for a specific sale? What are the benefits of using it?

  • The text sign is easy to use and provides the would-be buyer – sitting in front of the property – immediate access to key information. This allows that buyer to get insight into what he or she may be able to find in this home immediately with drivebuytech.
  • It allows the real estate agent to immediately gain access to the buyer’s phone number. It is sent directly to the agent’s phone and his or her email address. It can also be imported directly into the company’s database and lead capture system, allowing for the user to begin marketing efforts.
  • It saves the agent time – there is no need to spend time driving around trying to refill paper flyers in front of homes. Most of these rarely get a second look but sit on the floor of the car. Text messages provide instant information.
  • It allows the agent to take the buyer to the next level. Many times, these are buyers who want information and are ready to act. Yet, they do not yet have an agent to work with. As a result, they are the ideal buyer to begin a buying journal with as an agent.
  • It allows agents to sell more homes. The simply SMS message and drivebuytech is more than just a single text message. It is a tool to open the communication between those who have listings and those who wish to buy.

As a broker or an agent, it becomes critical to take into consideration what types of marketing are going to turn a true result for any type of home listing. While digital marketing remains important, using tools and real estate rider signs allow for interactive engagement with the would-be buyer right in front of the home is powerful. It also is one of the best investments in terms of ROI.

While even that basic and simple real estate sign rider is a good first step, the SMS drivebuytech tools are far more powerful. It allows for an effective way of connecting to an interested buyer in a fast and easy manner. It also allows for that phone number to enter into the lead capture system, allowing for nurturing to begin. What’s more, it may allow an agent to be able to provide services far sooner than what most other agents will get access to.

Digital Flyer is an excellent example of the real estate text sign riders and drivebuytech that are working to turn a basic text message into a home sale. Designed to be highly efficient and effective, it saves an agent time while also improving his or her turn around on leads. It and sign riders for realtors can be one of the best investments made.

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