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We have been working hard at work on product updates here at Pro Agent Solutions to help create more value for our user community. Below is a brief summary of some of the more significant recent updates to the platform.

  • General
    • Solved numerous bugs that were user reported or we found via review of error logs
    • Developed a number of new help articles for the PAS Help Center at for common requests and issues
    • Develop about a dozen Youtube training videos on the PAS Youtube channel at:
    • Numerous backend administrator improvements to make it easier to manage user accounts
  • Feedback Pro
    • Enhanced lockbox profile page for Feedback Pro to detail out the synchronization history and show warnings when the lockbox account credentials are incorrect. Developed email notification to go to end users when the lockbox credentials are incorrect.
    • Develop a showing import interface for reporting for Booj users
    • Disable showing imports if listing status moves to Pending Firm, Sold or Withdrawn
    • Add a selector to delay feedback requests on manual showing entries until after the showing date/time
    • Add a filter to Showings>Your Showings to filter them by listing address
    • Enable Print Grid button on Your Showings page to print showings to pdf or to hard copy
    • Update Supra and Sentrilock lockbox import process to improve speed of imports
    • Update field at Setup>Settings>Time Range for Duplicate Showings to go up to 7 days to prevent duplicate showings from being created in that time frame when a showing agent opens the lockbox again
    • Update user interface for Questionnaires to make it easier to delete questions and change the order
  • CRM Pro
    • Add Function to validate emails upon entry on Contacts to prevent adding emails into your contacts with invalid email addresses
    • Add numerous new email templates into Vault templates for email template Library
    • Add feature to add custom categories for tracking contacts
    • Enable sharing of contacts between agent accounts in a team/office provisioned under the same Broker account
    • Updated Closings User Interface to make it more intuitive and to auto-fill data from listing selected
    • Updated Strategies User Interface to make it more intuitive to create strategies and use them on Closings
  • Digital Flyer
    • Update mobile user interface to show all images and listing short description
    • Update user interface for selecting phone numbers and making listing assignments
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