We have been hard at work on product updates here at Pro Agent Solutions to help create more value for our user community. Below is a brief summary of some of the recent updates to the platform.

A new mobile responsive marketing site

  • You might have noticed an updated marketing website for Pro Agent Solutions at http://proagentsol.wpengine.com
  • The site can be effectively viewed on a mobile device such as a phone or a table since it is mobile responsive
  • The site allows us to create a blog now to increase our communication and outreach to our user community
  • It will allow greater integration with our social media accounts to also increase our outreach via social media

Pro Agent Solutions Help Center

  • We recently developed a new Help Center found here: https://support.proagentsolutions.com
  • The tool provides our users with a self-serve site with articles on how to get started, configure the software, and troubleshoot issues
  • You can now both view help articles and open support requests from the same help center site which you can find via the “Support” links on our sites
  • We have also added a Help widget into our software pages in the bottom right of the pages. The widget enables you to search the help center articles from the application and also open requests from the widget if you can’t find the appropriate article.
  • The Help Center forum also now has a Feature Request section. This section will allow end users to enter feature requests and vote on ones out there. We will be using this to prioritize development efforts moving forward. We want to align our development resources with features that add the most value for our user community.

Email Message History with Open & Click Tracking

  • You will now find an email history on the contact, listing and showing records
  • Along with the email history, you will see a message event history for each email which shows the history of message events including when it was sent, delivered, opened and links in it clicked

Contacts Import

  • For CRM Pro customers, we added the ability to import your contacts from your Gmail or Outlook account or from another CRM product via a CSV file.

Pro Agent Solutions Social Media Accounts

  • We developed a Youtube Channel to start posting user tutorials for our Help Center
  • We also now have Facebook and Twitter accounts as well that we recommend you follow to get updates from us
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