Are you tired of those same old real estate signs? Are you on the lookout for real estate sign rider ideas? Or maybe you’re ready to ditch offline advertising altogether  – including those ordinary yard signs placed in front of homes for sale. 

After all, the world is rapidly going digital and the real estate industry is definitely reflecting this big change. Most home buyers go online to look for their dream home. Because their potential clients are using digital means to perform their home searches, real estate agents and brokers are creating an online presence to increase visibility and awareness.

So it’s time to kiss traditional, offline marketing goodbye, right? Not so fast. Real estate signs still work amazingly well to build interest in homes for sale and open the door for prospective buyers. You’re probably wondering what you can do to make them stand out and generate even more listing leads. Sign riders can help bring yard signs to life.

What Are Real Estate Sign Rider Ideas?

A real estate sign rider acts as an online call-to-action (CTA) for potential buyers that pass by a house. They help people learn more about the property. The process of searching for a home is often difficult and stressful for many hopeful buyers. They’ve likely been spending lots of time searching online and looking at print publications. A sign rider can make the search much easier for buyers who have decided they’re interested in a more in-depth look at the property.

Some sign riders might just say “For Sale.” More detailed ones include details that will appeal to buyers such as a finished basement, theater room, pool, landscaped backyard, etc. For maximum effectiveness, you need a real estate sign rider ideas that takes things to the next level. Real estate text sign riders may be just what you need. These days, people are using text more and more to communicate, especially Millennials. If you haven’t heard, Millennials are a rapidly growing group of home buyers. Being able to communicate with them by text is important.

Sign riders direct passersby to text a short numeric code to a local phone number for more information on the listing. They receive an instant text reply with listing details including price, pictures and description. Simultaneously, the listing agent gets a text notifying them they have a lead which contains the prospect’s contact information. Sign riders provide an immediate opportunity to capture leads. This is important because if agents don’t promptly respond to a potential buyers, they’ll move on to agents who do.



A yard sign is probably low on your list. After all, it’s just a sign, right? Wrong. Here’s the thing, your sign acts as a first impression and the first point of contact between you and potential buyers. This means that the way you design your sign rider is crucial to generating the leads you desire. You should think about materials, sizes, and templates that will best serve your needs and purposes (for example, if you need a quick and direct solution for your sign rider, you may want a temporary sign). 

Below are some real estate sign rider ideas you can use to get people to contact you:

  • Open House Sunday
  • Coming Soon
  • New Kitchen
  • Fully Renovated
  • Hot Tub/Pool
  • Name of great school in the neighborhood 
  • Finished Basement
  • Landscaped Backyard

Here are some unique real estate sign rider ideas that can really grab attention and perhaps even get some laughs:

  • Not Haunted
  • Honey! STOP the Car!
  • Love Shack
  • I’m Gorgeous Inside
  • Quiet Neighbors (for the house for sale across from a graveyard)


You’re probably rolling your eyes right now. We get it. It’s obvious. But this is a point we can’t stress enough. People will most likely be moving as they view your sign, so it needs to be front and center, easy-to-read, and attention-grabbing. If you can, mount the rider on top of your sign. And for even better visibility, use a two-sided rider with the local number printed on both sides. That way, passersby coming from different directions can easily see the best way to reach you no matter where they’re coming from.

real estate sign rider ideas


If you really want to compel people to call, do yourself a favor and remove that brochure box. Overloading potential buyers with information may actually be counter-productive because they’re less likely to contact you when they might have all the information they need. Besides, you could be overwhelming them with too much information too early in the buying process. If you have to use a brochure box because you’re a creature of habit or because your seller explicitly requested it, be sure the flyers look professional and the box closes firmly so if it rains they don’t get ruined.

Also, avoid using QR Codes to provide prospects with more information. Much like brochure boxes, they may provide potential buyers with too much information too soon. Instead, get them to text you for more information. It’s easier to text than it is for them to get out of their car and scan a QR code. Old buyers may not even now what a QR code is.


Digital Flyer is our real estate text lead capture solution that can help you immediately capture leads. Here’s how it works:

  • While a prospect is viewing your sign, they send a simple text message using the information on the sign.
  • The Digital Flyer system instantly and automatically sends your listing information (i.e. photos, pricing, description, etc.) directly to their phone.
  • While the buyer is still in front of the house, Digital Flyer instantly texts and emails you the buyer’s cell number. The prospect is also automatically populated as a contact in the CRM for future reference.
  • You don’t have to wait on the buyer to make the next move because you have their contact information. You can either call the buyer the next day or even later the same day to follow up on their request to buy the home.

With Digital Flyer:

  • Potential home buyers get immediate access to key information. 
  • You, the agent, can gain immediate access to the buyer’s contact information.
  • You can save time because you don’t have to drive around to refill paper flyers in front of homes.
  • It’s a green marketing solutions and saves trees.

To try Digital Flyer, sign up for a free trial today.


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