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New CRM Pro Feature: Track Email Opens and Clicks

Want to track email opens and clicks for your contacts? Now you can track email opens and clicks for your contacts so you can tell when someone is reading your email and call them immediately when you know you are … Continue Reading

Real Estate Social Media

30 Actionable Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips

As a real estate agent, you’ve got a lot to do, and sometimes it seems like you don’t have time for real estate social media. However, social media is proven to be a good way to nurture existing contacts and … Continue Reading

real estate video marketing guide

The Real Estate Video Marketing Guide

If you’re not doing video marketing, you’re not marketing yourself or your listings as effectively as you could. This real estate video marketing guide will help you understand why you need to use video, and provide actionable tips on how … Continue Reading

drive traffic to a real estate website

How to Drive Traffic to a Real Estate Website

In our digital world, if you have a business, you must have a website. So, if you’re a real estate agent, you must have a real estate website, too. The biggest issue agents have today is how to drive traffic … Continue Reading

New Digital Flyer Feature: Use Your Logo for Branding

Our latest feature allows agents to have their logo displayed instead of the PAS logo at the top of the Digital Flyer page. If you upload your logo at My Account>Images>Broker/Logo Image, it will now be used at the top … Continue Reading

New CRM Pro Feature: Assign a Contact to An Agent

CRM Pro which is our real estate CRM from Pro Agent Solutions now allows you to assign a contact to a different agent account. This feature allows a lead agent or broker to assign and track who owns the contact … Continue Reading

New CRM Pro Feature: Bulk Trigger Strategies

Managing your contacts can be overwhelming at times. You may consider this to be a good problem, but it can also be stressful. The time you spent on it versus working on more valuable work that could bring in more … Continue Reading

PAS August 2018 Updates

Please review the list of the updates we have implemented over the last month. All of these updates are live in our system now.   Our enhancements include: Upload bio images to contacts or use a Gravatar by default if … Continue Reading

New CRM Pro Feature: Click to Call

Aside from helping you organize your contact list, emails, and schedules, Pro Agent Solutions is happy to announce its Click to Call feature for CRM Pro. We hope this feature will make communication more convenient with our real estate crm … Continue Reading

When to use a real estate virtual assistant

When to Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

If you’re a solo real estate agent, it may be time to consider using a real estate virtual assistant. If you’re spending too much time managing your business rather than focusing on revenue generating tasks, it may be time to … Continue Reading